Here is the 80/20 Conversion Express video landing page template

You should be able to drop the php file (page-80-20-template-2.php) into your theme directory, and then create or edit any page, and select “80/20 Landing Page #2” from the Template drop-down menu.

Important usage notes:

  • If you’re not using an HTML5 video element, then the embedded iframe or object must have a class of video.
  • Hardcoding a height and width into the video element will break its positioning, and prevent it resizing for smaller screens. If you’re embedding from YouTube or similar sites, you will need to remove these values from the iframe code you are given.

A quick rundown of major features:

  • A single file with no extra image or font files needed (all the CSS styling is inline, in the PHP file)
  • Easy to use. Drop the file into your theme folder in WordPress, and off you go. No special coding knowledge needed
  • Very lightweight—it loads extremely fast. Even if your WordPress installation is generally a bit slow, pages using this template should load very quickly. Research shows that conversion rates go down by up to 10% for every 0.1 seconds of page load time
  • Mobile-friendly. So many people click through to landing pages on their tablets and phones that it’s simply essential to have a page that works well on a small screen, and is optimized to the highly constrained mobile network environment

2 limitations of this template

  1. Adding images might take some futzing about. This is simply because sometimes positioning images so they don’t muck up the flow of text can be a pain. You may find you need to create a custom image to fit the page nicely.
  2. Customization requires coding. Unlike some very fancy page template options, which require full-blown plugins so that you can edit colors, fonts etc, I’ve chosen to take a simple route and select some good colors and fonts for you. If you want to change them, you definitely can, but you’ll need to go into the template files themselves.

Now, since I’ve provided a bonus report on testimonials, let’s show a fake one here. Anything wrapped in a <blockquote> tag will be treated as a testimonial, and you can use headlines too, to aid scannability (as I recommend in the bonus PDF):

“This template changed my life”

I can’t even begin to describe how this template has changed my life. I left my family to spend more time with it. Was it worth it? Sure, why not?

Some Nutter, Idaho

This is where the magic happens

You should be able to drop in pretty much any “naked” (HTML-only, no CSS) form here. It may require a little tweaking to get it looking right, but the overall style will be automatically applied. Alternatively, you can create a box like this manually with <div class="form"></div>

Download this template (zip file)