4 Dangerous Mistakes Web Designers Make When Presenting Content

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Everybody these days knows that content is king. No website ever sold anything without content to persuade its readers to buy. And it’s the job of the web designer to present that content as effectively as possible.

Unfortunately, presenting content to sell well is kind of glossed over in web design school. Most designers don’t know a lot about it. In fact, most designers don’t even know they don’t know. And nowhere is this more evident than on their own websites.

Today, I’ll run through four of the major content presentation mistakes freelance web designers often make—errors which can kill the effectiveness of your site’s content. By learning about these mistakes, you can not only avoid them yourself and get better returns from your own website, but you can also provide a lot of extra value to your clients by advising them on these issues. And if you take the time to learn further, you’ll have the ability to really set yourself apart as a designer.

In this guest article for Onextrapixel, I describe four common mistakes made by freelance web designers on their own websites, which hurt conversion rates. Click here to read it now…

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