A special review of www.socialmediction.com

In the recent Attention-Thievery 101 competition, the second prize was a free copy of Attention-Thievery 101, plus a free five-point review of the winner’s website.

Well, the “five-point” review isn’t “five point” any more, since I changed the method I use to do these reviews—but it contains at least as much useful information, covering all the major principles and best practices for increasing conversion rates.

The second prize winner was Alessio of www.socialmediction.com. Below, you’ll find the review. It ran a little long, so I cut off the first part at the end of the review; the second part gives you a little information about Attention-Thievery 101.

To get hold of a copy of Attention-Thievery 101, head on over to www.attentionthievery.info. And by all means, feel free to retweet this review, or email me directly with feedback: bnonn@informationhighwayman.com.

D Bnonn Tennant
‘The Information Highwayman’

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