Stop Selling & Start Telling—How Clarity Trumps Persuasion For Getting Sales


You know selling is hard. And icky. Which is a combination sure to demoralize you in a short space of time.

I mean, have you tried cold calling?

The same is true on the web and in email. Although we know we have to convince customers to buy what we’re offering—or we’ll go under—we dread having to write sales copy of any kind.

We loathe getting up in print and schmoozing, conniving, greasing, bamboozling, and doing everything in our power to persuade prospects to click on our call to action buttons. And you know what?

Prospects hate it too

In fact, although there’s nothing they love more than to buy shiny new things, there’s nothing they hate more than to be sold at.

Which is why all those persuasion methods, mental tricks, “hypnotic” techniques, shouting caps, yellow highlighters and other million-dollar secrets you see other marketers using…they don’t really work. Certainly not on savvy prospects looking for high-value products, and with the budgets to buy them.

So what does? In this guest article for KISSmetrics, I explain the closest thing I know to a magic bullet when writing copy: what it really is that prospects want; what it is that convinces them to buy. Click here to learn it now…

D Bnonn Tennant
‘The Information Highwayman’

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