Does your website pass this simple ‘conversion rate’ test?


Today, I’d like you to take a moment and try something. You might actually find it quite profound. I know I did when I first started out in marketing.

Okay, imagine you’re face-to-face with your ideal prospect…someone who wants and needs what you’re offering. All you gotta do is sell it to them. But in the heat of the moment, you completely freeze up! You just can’t think what to say. The only thing that pops into your head is what’s written on your website…

Now…do you make the sale?

If your answer is “yes”…if you really could sell someone using only what’s already written on your website (and you’re sure!)…then carry on! Good job; you don’t need to read this.

If, on the other hand, you’re not so sure…if you’re actually kinda horrified at the idea of having to sell your services or products in real life using just the copy from your site…then I absolutely guarantee that I can help you—a lot.

Firstly, by clarifying for you that copywriting is salesmanship in print. After all, if you, face to face—with all the body language, all the subtle cues, all the empathetic techniques we naturally use in conversation—if you couldn’t make the sale using the words on your site, then imagine how much less likely it’d be if you just displayed those words on a computer screen for your prospect to read!

Secondly, I can help you by offering to teach you all of the essential principles you need to know to turn your website into an ace ‘attention-thieving’ salesman…without any extra “let’s all become expert copywriters” nonsense…and for the next few days at a sizable discount too.

If that sounds interesting…

…learn more here!

Oh yes, and hey, if you’re still around, why not …

D Bnonn Tennant
‘The Information Highwayman’

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