When is the best time to make an offer?

At the end of every email, of course :)

But seriously, the best time for offers tends to be January, followed by March — at least according to the research I've seen. Perhaps because in January people are busy making new year resolutions and "need" all sorts tools and information to help them. And in March those same people are trying to shore up their failing resolutions in the same way — by buying stuff.

December is the worst time for offers, unless you're a retail store, for obvious reasons.

But that isn't going to stop me from making an offer now, because there's an even more important principle behind timing offers: people buy when they're ready. If you don't know whether they're ready, keep making offers until they are.

It's common sense, but few businesses do it. I try to actually practice what I preach — although, as one reader wryly noted, my website doesn't exactly follow my own advice for taglines.

Be that as it may, are you ready to start looking at how the graphics on your site are affecting your conversion rate?

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Contrary to what most designers believe, almost all images REDUCE conversion rates. There are only two kinds which tend to increase them.

Talk again soon,

PS. As someone living a day in the future compared to most of you, let me reassure you that December 21 has been and gone, and the world did not end. I know — I was as surprised as you.

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