Are you a victim of the Cat Fluff Principle?

Shortly after you first signed up, I asked you a question about your biggest challenge.

Arne writes back with this amusing comment:

My main challenge is Time management. I have formulated a theory I call the Fluff Principle. Have you ever noticed a cat stalking a bird? It sits there for minutes at a time, eye on the prize. Then steadily moves forward, ever closer. Then at the last minute a piece of fluff blow by, and it leaps around and pounces on that. Totally forgetting the original plan.
My hours seem to be filled with fluff!
I know this doesn’t directly relate to Web design, but it does relate to all aspects of business. How do I plan and concentrate on the task at hand?

When I have a systematic answer to this, you will be the first to hear it. My days are filled with fluff also.

But although I haven't made a lot of progress eliminating fluff in general, I have become quite good at writing emails efficiently.

That is a very valuable skill to have if you do any kind of email marketing, because the value of email copy can be measured in tens of dollars per word. Being able to write good email copy quickly is immensely useful. Plus it translates into most other kinds of writing with almost no effort at all — including writing sales letter copy, which is something most people dread.

I have titled this month's Shirtsleeves Marketing Communiqué "7 Tricks I Use To Make Writing world-class emails Fun & Easy".

If you'd like to get a copy, just grab a subscription here:

The investment is tiny — even if you're seriously broke, you could give up your morning coffee every third day and still afford the Communiqué. But that will change next year, so it would be smart to get in while the going's good.

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