Facebook reveals results of massive conversion optimization test

A helpful reader named Pete wrote to alert me to something very interesting that Facebook has done:

They've changed the font size on their signup page to 19px (18px for the form fields).

To the average web designer it must look awful — like a site designed for kids. Even to me it looks oddly big — rather like a large print book.

Of course, the subject of this email is a little facetious — Facebook hasn't released the results of their tests or anything like that (I only wish). Yet you know they wouldn't make this change if it didn't improve their signup rate by a significant margin. And they certainly have the volume to test it VERY well.

Using a large font size (at least 16px) is just one of the 8 simple font fixes that improve readership & lift conversion rates:


Facebook looks to be using at least 5 of these font fixes. If you can spot them, probably better NOT to click the link above. But if you can't spot them, go grab yourself a copy of this font-fixes report. You can read it as you're recovering from overeating this weekend.

I'm not judging, btw — I plan to overeat as well.

Talk again soon,

D Bnonn Tennant
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