Should you guarantee a product that can’t be returned?

Questions about guarantees continue to roll in from readers. Ray asks:

I'm selling a digital product that has a $47 or $97 price point; some templates for photographers. Most other folks in my industry don't give refunds due to the 'digital nature of the product' i.e. there's really nothing to "return" so you're getting a refund on a product that you could potentially still be using.

I have read that guarantees do lead to higher conversions and less returns, but the question is: what sort of guarantee? FYI, I would like to advance into much higher priced training items in the future. The current product is good, and will definitely over-deliver.

So would you recommend the "Lifetime, Unconditional" guarantee for this type of product?

Ray, first let me salute you for using a semi-colon correctly in your first sentence. Nicely done.

Second, to answer your question: absolutely. If the product is that good, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by offering an unconditional guarantee forever.

It doesn't matter that the product can't be returned. The issue isn't whether your customer can keep using it after getting a refund. The issue is whether they got the value they paid for in the first place.

If they didn't, you should give their money back.

Sure, they might continue to use the product anyway. In fact, a tiny percentage of people will buy the product specifically to get a refund and keep using it illegitimately — don't worry about it! The number of people whose anxiety will be quelled by your extra-strength guarantee will more than make up for it.

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Talk again soon,