“OMG. You’re hot”

Got this from a Shirtsleeves Marketing Communiqué (SMC) subscriber after my email with the little riddle about the difference between gurus and Santa:

OMG. You're hot. I've just finished your latest SMC and I can see that you use no less than 3 ideas types in à single email. Ideas ii, iv and vi if I'm not wrong. You definitely do what you preach!

Now, I don't wanna sound cynical, but the latest Communiqué is called 7 Tricks I Use to Make Writing World-class Emails Fun & Easy. So it seems a bit sad to me that I should be considered "hot" for actually USING the tricks I say I use ;)

Then again, there's that old saying…those who can, do; those who can't, teach.

And thinking about it, I guess most gurus just regurgitate whatever they learned reading John Caples or whatever, without actually having any real ability to USE those ideas in more than a childish, rote way.

In fact, come to think of it, there ain't a lot of copywriters around who've figured out that writing for the web is actually DIFFERENT from writing direct-response letters.

But, well… *blush* I have. If you'd like to learn some of the techniques that work for email (but which you'd never be able to just stick into a direct mail letter), why not grab a copy of last month's dispatch?


Talk again soon,

D Bnonn Tennant
‘The Information Highwayman’

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