The one thing an Information Highwayman fears


Spiders, snakes, heights, the number 13 — none of these overly concern me. But turduckens are unnatural abominations and they freak me all the way out.

For many business owners, their greatest fear is actually their own clients — particularly negotiating with them. And if it's not clients, it's the in-laws at Christmas dinner.

Turn over a new leaf this Christmas by putting this pesky problem to rest permanently. For $29, you can learn the most important secrets I've discoverd from negotiating experts like Jim Camp.

It's all revealed in “How To Negotiate Any Deal Like You Hold The Nut Hand — By Refusing To Use Pansy-Ass ‘Win-Win’ Philosophies Designed To Make You Lose, And Learning How To Say NO”.

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Merry Christmas too, btw,

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D Bnonn Tennant
‘The Information Highwayman’

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