My personal fairy godmother

She's not magical — but she is talented and has superb customer service.

I asked her if she could help me bling out Smokey the Magnificent for Christmas. Smokey isn't much a jewelry wearer, but she did have a nice pendant once which has since disappeared, and I thought it would be nice to replace it.

So I picked this:

The Elven Star from Kaelin Design
But Smokey is fond of blue, so I asked if I could customize the piece with a topaz. My fairy godmother happily agreed — and helped me solicitously through the surprisingly complicated process of choosing exactly the right stone. Once we had figured out what we needed, she then created this exceptional pendant for Smokey:

The custom Elven Star from Kaelin Design, created for Smokey the Magnificent

I expected to pay a lot more for the customization, but the additional cost was negligible. Plus, shipping was free — even to New Zealand.

I am telling you all this, really, not just because the product itself was very good, but because the customer service was so notable. I don't call her my fairy godmother for nothing — that is really what it felt like.

She only has one weakness, in my opinion, and that is that she charges far less than she could. Of course, that's a win for her customers.

Her name is Kaelin Cordis. If you're looking for fine hand-made jewelry at extremely reasonable prices, and you liked to be treated like royalty, take a mozy over to her site and see what's on offer:

I don't get any kind of kickback from this, btw. I just really wanted to share an exceptional business with you. So even if you don't want jewelry, you can take a valuable lesson from this email: giving your customers great products at great prices with great service is a very rare thing — and something that creates instant fans. You can't buy that kind of loyalty or word-of-mouth.

Talk again soon,

D Bnonn Tennant
‘The Information Highwayman’

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