The tale of a pesky sheep who got himself shot

A few weeks ago — maybe it was months, I forget — I mentioned that we have an escape artist among the many sheep who live on the orchard.

His name is Lamburghini, and he was not content with confinement behind an electric fence. This should jog your memory:
Lamburghini in our garden

Remember him? Yes, well, in recent days Lamburghini has been making a significant nuisance of himself. Not only has he been making an annoying habit of bolting in front of the car as we come down the driveway (if you can call it that), and then tearing into the fence at full speed and dragging it down (it's one of those movable affairs made of nylon mesh), but he has also been inciting insurrection.

The other morning I awoke to the sound of a stampede in my garden — and opened the curtain to discover a dozen sheep stomping about in the flowers and trotting along the wooden deck.

Since then, a decision was made by the landlord and landlady to End This Nonsense.

Today, shortly after 4 pm, Lamburghini took a bullet. He is now on his way to becoming lamburgers. I bet they will be delicious considering he got his pick of the finest grass (not to mention Smokey the Magnificent's corn flowers).

This does bring to mind something worth considering on your website, and that is images.

Images — pictures and graphics — are a lot like Lamburghini. They get a lot of attention, but not for the right reasons. In fact, they often drag down the carefully-laid "fences" that direct your prospects from your headline, through your copy, to your call to action.

So the best thing to do with MOST images is to put a bullet between their eyes. Get rid of them completely.

If you suspect the images on your site might not be pulling their weight, you might be interested in a special report I wrote called Direct Response Secrets for Lifting Web Conversion Rates with Graphics.

Talk again soon,

D Bnonn Tennant
‘The Information Highwayman’

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