What’s the difference between Santa and an IM guru?

The guru doesn't even deliver once a year.


Santa, on the other hand (aka Smokey the Magnificent), delivered many exciting things this year — chief among them a rather nice chess set, and also a hand-made Shootie Beast, to be used as target practice in my archery.

Speaking of years, we're on the cusp of a new one, and my main resolution is to get good enough at chess to win a game against my high school friend John, who taught me to play. So I've been watching a lot of chess videos on YouTube.

One of them particularly caught my attention — the chap teaching was talking about how, when he's coaching students and points out some principle they aren't using, they tend to respond with, "I already know that."

But there are two kinds of knowledge:

1. Something you've learned somewhere and can recall when prompted.

2. Something you've practiced until it's "part of your personality".

Very often when people hit a wall in chess — and in business — it's because they "know" about something like positioning (double meanings ftw), but they don't actually KNOW it. So they fail to notice they aren't doing it.

This guy was German, but apart from that he sounded very much like Dov Gordon — an extremely sharp marketer and business coach whose mastermind group I'm a part of.

He talks about similar stuff, and a lot more, in a seminar he runs called How to Craft A Simple, Compelling Sales Message that Makes Ideal Customers Say “Yes!”

I have a recording of this seminar, which normally goes for $47. But you get it free when you sign up for the Shirtsleeves Marketing Communiqué:


Incidentally, this means that if you wanted to be a bit of an ass, you could get the recording AND January's dispatch for about half the cost of the recording alone — and then cancel your subscription.

Of course, after you read January's issue you might decide not to — so I guess it depends on whether you're willing to take the risk of being convinced to keep spending a whopping $29 a month. That could really break the bank you know.


Talk again soon,

D Bnonn Tennant
‘The Information Highwayman’

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