Copywriting Project Brief

This page contains everything you need to submit a request for a copywriting project. Once I receive your completed brief I’ll ponder it for a couple of days, and then draw up a project proposal for you. This’ll include a summary of how I suggest we achieve the Outcome you want, a rundown of all the work to be done, milestones to be marked, and of course a quote. Exciting eh?


In this section you’ll tell me about you and your organization. This is important so I can develop a persona to serve as a touchstone for your project. What you write here is directly related to how accurately I can achieve the Outcome you desire—so be specific and use objective, factual language.

About You

Firstly, let’s establish some things about you before we talk about your organization and the project. Such as…

  • the name people call you by
  • your family name
  • your email address
  • your job
  • your role in this project

Ingenious! And your organization’s name is? .

About Your Product

Okay, imagine a ten year old is doing a school project about the product or service you want me to sell for you. How would you describe it to him?

Great. Now imagine you’re at the pub. You’ve met a random but attractive stranger, who also by sheer coincidence needs something exactly like your product. What would you say to sell it?

In case you missed it before, describe the key features of the product, along with the benefits of each:–

Thanks. Now, which of those is most important to your ideal prospect?

Nice job. Now, how does your product change your customers’ lives? What specific problems, needs, or desires does it address?

You looked like a deer in headlights for a second there. Speaking of which, who are your competitors?

Now, in all seriousness, why would people choose your product instead of something sold by the organizations you just listed?

Lastly, do you have any proof of why your product is better? Why your prospect should believe your claims about it? Tick any that apply.


In this section you’ll tell me the story of this project. This gives me an understanding of the Outcome you need and the aesthetics you’d like.


What prompted this project? What need has arisen that you want me to fulfill? What, specifically, would you like me to help you achieve?


Who is your ideal customer? What’s he like? What are his concerns, his problems, his beliefs, his fears? What does he need that you’re going to give him? Is he even a “he”?

And what does this ideal customer currently believe about the sort of thing you’re selling? How well does he know these kinds of products (and yours specifically)? What’s his perception of them; his attitude towards them?

Right, and in comparison to that, what should he believe about your product? What do you really want him to know?

Current Material

Do you have any existing ammo you can email me? Things like…

Required Material

In the same vein, what about items which ought to be included in the copy?

Stylistic Influences

What sorts of writing styles appeal to you? Perhaps there’s a particular motif that reflects the personality of your organization. Don’t just think in terms of other websites—what about in books or television?

Conversely, are there any themes you particularly want to avoid?

The Outcome

What, specifically, would you like me to write? Tick everything you need, and leave the rest:–

a homepagean about pagea contact pageservices or product page(s)a landing, squeeze or sales pageother pages or items as follows:–

And once your ideal prospect has finished reading whatever items you ticked above, what would you like him to do? What specific step should he take?

What’s the best offer you can make to persuade him to take this step?

Are there any premiums (free stuff) or guarantees you can throw in to sweeten the deal for him?


In this section, you’ll finish off by telling me your expectations of how this project should be executed. And then you’re done!


When does the Outcome need to be achieved by? If it’s a fairly large project, it’s a good idea to break it up into smaller milestones—so by all means, do so.


How many people will be working on this project at your end, and who’s in charge?

Anything Else

A pre-designed form can’t possibly capture all the nuances of every project, so have a think for a second and see if there’s anything I’ve missed out. If there is, stick it in here:–

a couple of final considerations

Normally, I make it a point to have a proposal ready within a working week. If that just ain’t fast enough, tick the box.

Lastly, if you don’t mind saying, could you tell how as you came to choose me for this project?

Great—that’s it. Off you go.

D Bnonn Tennant
‘The Information Highwayman’

D Bnonn Tennant, ‘The Information Highwayman’, signs his name to this