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They say that proof is in the pudding. Copywriters know that it’s mostly in hard facts…and testimonials. Here’s some proof about me in the form of what people have said about my work:–

I now have a website that feels like an enhanced version of my own thoughts

It’s silly, now that I look back on it, but I thought that the hard writing I had done would be completely rejected. I thought that there was a risk that I’d end up with words that sound right, and do the right things… but didn’t feel right, or sit well with me.

But those fears were quickly swept aside as we got into the project. Bnonn is ever the consummate professional. His every word appears perfectly considered, and I found myself learning from him at all phases of this project. To start with, Bnonn spent a good bit of time assimilating and distilling the essence and tone of my previous writings, in a way that only enhanced it. He listened, questioned, and displayed a genuine interest in getting to know my business.

If I were to choose one of the most positive things about working with Bnonn, it’s that he works with a passion to help you meet your objectives. It’s not a case of simply flicking through a brief and then waiting for the finished product–we bounced emails and ideas, and Bnonn worked and reworked sections with enthusiasm and zero complaint, until I was 100% happy. In times where I made suggestions that were off-target to the objectives of my copy, Bnonn could be relied upon to pull me up. The result of this is that I have a website that feels like an enhanced version of my own thoughts–no dry corporate speak, no hollow marketing hype.

I’d wholeheartedly recommend Bnonn to anyone who is looking to enhance the effectiveness of their website in a thoroughly human and engaging way. Don’t waste time making your website look pretty and then try to retrofit your copy to it. If you want a seriously awesome website that is super-effective at converting prospects, start with Bnonn!

Dr Jason Fox

Can make the most dry topics delightful and engaging

Bnonn is a master at writing marketing copy creatively and authentically. He is an extraordinarily clever writer, and the only writer I have worked with who effectively uses humor and levity in a professional and classy way. He can make the most dry topics so delightful and engaging that you can’t help but to continue reading with enthusiasm and admiration. His writing definitely stands out and gets positive results. Rachel Everett, Viderity

Good copy is more important than good design

Bnonn’s words do the talking and sell your product. I wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone who doesn’t already have a Pulitzer prize, because good copy is actually more important than good design (this coming from a designer). Max Guedy, Agency Zebra

Professional, talented, creative

If you want a professional, talented and creative copywriter working on your website, then Information Highwayman is for you. James Pennington, Digital Recovery Ltd

What a big improvement

Wow! What a big improvement from the original copy. Bnonn is a super writer! Mark T Farmer, Viderity.