The 4 Keys to Writing Persuasive Copy Without Hype, BS, or Other Icky Gimmicks


You should already know that clarity trumps persuasion for making sales. In fact, to borrow a metaphor from direct-response expert Dean Rieck, your copy should be like a shop window—completely invisible, affording a perfect view of the thing you’re selling.

But as with most important things in life, that’s easier said than done.

Fortunately—as with most things in life—much of the mystery can be removed by adopting a system that takes care of the basics. So let me introduce you to my Four Keys for writing clear, shiny copy that affords prospects the perfect view of whatever it is you’re selling.

In this guest article for KISSmetrics, I give you the four practical steps I use to write “magic bullet” copy. Click here to discover them now…

D Bnonn Tennant
‘The Information Highwayman’

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