Five Practical Tips for Dominating your Market with a Killer Motif


Not long ago, I gave you the lowdown on how to create marketing that makes you rich and famous. The short of the long: unique selling propositions don’t work any more. You need what I call a motif to really be effective in setting yourself apart.

‘Motif marketing’ is a big topic, though, and I didn’t have time to give you any practical ideas last time. I know from experience that people really struggle with developing a motif, so today I’m going to do two things:

  1. I’m gonna give you three easy ideas for finding a basis for your motif.
  2. And I’m gonna give you two pointers for refining that base into a Motif Proper that’ll set you apart as the most outstanding kid on the block. The one who all the other kids want to buy lemonade from.

This article follows up the previous one I wrote for KISSmetrics. Click here to read it now…

D Bnonn Tennant
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