Bonfire marketing tactics

The bonfire was rather impressive, thank you for asking.

It caught very quickly, and within moments was a massive raging inferno, climbing a good 20 feet (for you freedom-loving types) into the sky.

Today, however, it is barely smoldering.

This is exactly like many online marketing tactics. They produce immediate, impressive bursts of leads — but within days the flare has died down.

You might think I'm criticizing these methods, but I'm not. I use one such marketing tactic very heavily in my own business: I write for industry blogs as a way of generating leads.

It works very well — provided I keep adding fuel to the fire.

Every article I write generates a decent amount of "flame" in the form of traffic to my squeeze page — and from there, new subscribers to my list. But the flame dies down in a few days as that article drops off the front page of the blog. It still has a little heat, sending occasional leads my way — but the "main burn" is quick and hot.

With any tactic like this, it is only effective inasmuch as you are consistent. Unfortunately, a lot of people think certain methods don't work at all, simply because they aren't consistent enough about using them. I used to be very sporadic about writing articles, and my business suffered for it.

The good thing is that the more you use a "bonfire" method, the better it tends to work for you — because all that residual "heat" from old bonfires is cumulative. After a while you can stop working so hard to add new fuel, and still see some good leads coming in.

Of course, that's not much use unless you know how to convert leads into customers. And in this month's Shirtsleeves Marketing Communiqué, I'll be doing a marathon of advanced techniques to help you with that:

Talk soon,