The difference between profit and loss, very often…

Is whether you can write well or not.

This is something Drayton Bird said recently in a video series I've been watching.

He should know — he has been in direct marketing possibly longer than anyone alive, and was said by David Ogilvy to know more about advertising than anyone in the world.

I have personally been convinced of the importance of writing, since I know that without the skill of putting words together in a way that doesn't totally suck, I would never have succeeded in business.

As a writer this is obviously a topic close to my heart. Perhaps you feel differently.

If you do, that's fine — but don't blame me if it ends badly.

On the other hand, if you feel as I do, why not check out my Little Red Book of Writing Secrets? It is a kind of how-to manual I created for my writing students, to help them over the biggest hurdles — and start seeing the quickest results.

Perhaps it'll help you too. Go here:

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