Back from 3 days of killing bandits

Since New Zealand still has pretensions of fealty to the British Tyranny, every year around this time we celebrate Queen's Birthday Weekend.

Like Christmas, this holiday is at a completely different time to the birthday in question.

And every year around this time I pack up my computer and transport it across town to the cramped, hot apartment of one of my high school friends, and spend three days filling virtual people with virtual lead.

This year it was mostly bandits and robots, since we were playing Borderlands 2.

(It must be noted — especially after my previous email — that Smokey the Magnificent is an unusually excellent wife for permitting this to happen.)

Today I'm back to work, refreshed by the memory of dozens of excellent headshots and several narrow escapes under the cover of stealth.

One of the things on my agenda is to start work on the next dispatch of the Shirtsleeves Marketing Communiqué — in which I'll be doing a "marathon" of as many sales-boosting tips as I can fit into 10 pages.

And one of the first tips that comes to mind is something Ben Settle calls "scientific telepathy" — where you can effectively read the minds of your ideal customers and discover exactly what they want, without having to do any real work whatsoever.

But there are dozens more I'll be talking about. If you haven't picked up a subscription yet, no worries — just go here:

Talk soon,