Lamburghini, the sheepish escape artist

Tomorrow is October 31, which is of course Reformation Day — and I will have a suitably Lutheran marketing tip to share with you then.

But today I'm preparing for speaking at Perry Marshall's Bobsled Run, so I have little time to write. So I snapped a photo instead:

Lamburghini, a Very Bad Sheep

Excuse the lens smudges; I have a 16-month-old.

This is Lamburghini. Immediately behind him are Smokey the Magnificent's pansies — somewhat nibbled. Behind them are the remains of her corn-flowers — now mostly in his fluffy little tummy. And behind them is the portable electric fence, which he routinely slips through to wander care-free across the orchard and into our delicious garden.

Not pictured are our equally malicious chickens, two of whom are large enough to quell a disgruntled 4 year old.

Not all New Zealanders live like this, but we do. I am told you live longer if you have a good view from your office window; since this is what I see through my French doors, I expect to age very well.

Better here than New York, I say.

Btw, in this email I have used at least 5 of the techniques I'll be covering in the "advanced copywriting techniques marathon" in November's Shirtsleeves Marketing Communiqué. If you can't spot them all, grab a subscription to learn what they are, and how you can use them to increase engagement and conversions:

Tomorrow — how Martin Luther accidentally invented viral marketing, and why the Roman Catholic Church's attempts to stop him failed so miserably.

Talk then,